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I Drank 100oz of Water A Day For A Month

I've never been one to put too much thought into a New Year's resolution but this new year called for new beginnings.

I set aside my too-often-used (and failed) resolutions like not biting my nails or working out more often.... phew, like that was going to happen! And I decided to really challenge myself and do something to benefit my body, for the long run. 

I decided to drink 100 oz of water a day. To some, this may not be a lot. To others, it may seem like a ridiculously large intake. 

To me, it seemed nearly impossible. I've been a soda lover all my life (guilty as charged) and rarely served myself a cup of water, let alone 100 ounces of it. To sum it up, 100 oz = six or seven 16 oz water bottles and countless of trips to the bathroom. 

Through extensive research, I became so intrigued with the benefits of water and I mainly begun this challenge for my skin. As someone who's suffered all my life battling acne and the oh-so-lovely scars it's left over, I had many expectations. Would I never get a pimple again? Will my dark circles and blemishes suddenly disappear? 

Truth be told, that didn't happen. Drinking water won't be some miraculous elixir that will take your skin back to its pre teen days and glowing glory. BUT, it did hydrate me from within. The texture of my skin feels so much more soft and my breakouts pretty much only happen due to hormonal causes (thanks mother nature.) I also feel a lot more energized and less sluggish than usual! Don't get me wrong, I'll still have my lazy days but drinking water has helped me stay active for the most part.

Now the part you were waiting for, the bad news:

You will be running to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Point is: I peed, a lot. After a month, my bladder's somewhat gotten used to the amounts of liquid, but boy... the beginning was rough. However, this is a small price to pay for its many benefits!

Tips & Tricks: 

You might be thinking: but HOW? How do you keep track of your water intake? 

That was a huge problem for me. An entire day could pass by and I'd barely have a sip because I either simply forgot or "didn't have time." In reality, there's always time to hydrate. 

  • Make It Accessible: Although I have a perfectly working fridge that dispenses water downstairs, I found myself lazy to constantly refill my bottle. My solution was to buy cases of water bottles and keep them in my room so I always have access and no excuses... and of course, recycle them after!
  • Track Your Intake: There are so many water applications for iPhone and Android that allows you to set a goal, jot down what you've drank and keep track of your water intake. I highly recommend doing this so you know how much you're really putting in your body.
  • Customize: Your recommended water intake depends on your weight, height, age and physical activity. So do some research and see how much you should really be drinking.

So grab a glass of water and enjoy your day!

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