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As a student, it can get very hard trying to set a consistent sleep schedule when our day-to-day lives fluctuate. One weekend we hang out with friends to see a movie and the next we stay past midnight trying to finish our assignments. Even though these challenges may arise, it is important for us to get the maximum amount of sleep that we can. If your sleep is off, EVERYTHING is off. Let’s talk about what can be done to make sleep a part of our ever-so-busy schedules. 


I know…this one is a given. We all tend to be attached to these contraptions that stimulate our brains pretty much every hour. However, in order to reduce the overactive thoughts in our minds, lessening our screen time can do wonders. Instead of the midnight scroll, try a hardcopy book and some caffeine-free tea. A much easier and more relaxing way to cool down before bed. 


This one can really make a difference if one is disciplined to it. After a long day at classes or coming back from a late shift, setting a time for you to go to sleep is super helpful because it is an intentional choice that you can follow. If we wait until we feel tired, that could take hours and fluctuate differently every night. However, if you get home by 9:00 pm tell yourself you’ll be in bed by 11:00 pm so that you can plan your night snack and shower accordingly. Even if you are not sleeping by then, your mind will naturally start to unwind and understand the signals you are giving it by acting on your night routine. 


Something that has really helped me get ready for bed is having tangible items that get me in the zone to relax. This includes my diffuser, LED lights, and a lava lamp. Putting in a relaxing scent and dimming the lights lets my body know that I am about to call it a night. Perhaps you could start incorporating a ritual that can help you slow down before you go to bed. The main focus is to set aside any distractions that will keep you up for hours and calm your mind. 

Being consistent is key when it comes to prioritizing sleep. I hope these tips help you in some way, shape, or form… I know personally, they have for me. It is important to focus on what matters when it comes to your well-being. Sleep is so essential for our main body functions and will even make it easier for us students to pay attention longer within our classes and assignments. Moral of the story: Get some sleep, you and your body deserve it. 

Kimora is a writer from the HerCampus Chapter at Florida International University. *Her current status: vlogging. Join the #kimmunity