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How To Make Healthy Snacks Actually Enjoyable

Are you trying to make healthier eating habits? Have you exhausted your bank account because you’re eating in GC everyday? Trying to avoid the freshman fifteen? I knew I wasn’t the only one! Thankfully I was blessed with super cute and trendy friends who have inspired me to live a healthier life style! If you’re like me though, your idea of healthy eating is trying to get through a whole Publix salad while forcing a smile on your face. Do not worry! Much to my surprise, there are actually so many ways to a clean snack that isn’t just a salad or celery dipped in ranch (we’ve all done it). I’ve asked my friends for the recipes of some of their favorite healthy snacks. So here are different ways to make healthy eating more enjoyable!


The Oatmeal On The Go

When you’re running late to class but don’t want to arrive on an empty stomach, this is the perfect treat for you. You will need a mason jar, any one-minute instant oatmeal brand, honey, granola, peanut butter, and whatever favorite fruit toppings you would like. Once you make the oatmeal, all you’ll have to do is layer those ingredients and you are on your way! Don’t forget to mix it all up after you’ve taken that cute picture on Snapchat.

Photo by: Morgan J. Schneider

Apple Almond Butter Bites

Look! Something that’s almost as good as Oreos. You will need apples, granola, and almond butter. I love this snack because of how convenient it is to make.  Just slice up your apple, then spread your granola and almond butter on it, stack another apple slice on top, and enjoy.

Photo by: Morgan J. Schneider

Bananas For Ice Cream

A perfect snack for those late night study sessions. Make sure to have two frozen ripe bananas. Once you have those, all you have to do is slice them up and blend them for about 3-5 minutes. After, just pour it into a container and leave it in your freezer for about an hour and get ready to eat! For different flavors, you can always blend different fruits in with the bananas. To make the substance creamier, just add a cup of coconut before blending. 


Photo by: https://blog.thatcleanlife.com

Sweet Sushi

Another super quick snack you’re sure to love! The ingredients you’ll need are: peanut butter, a banana, and a whole-wheat tortilla. Spread the peanut butter onto your tortilla, then peel your banana and roll it up. Your final step is slicing them into sushi shaped pieces. Enjoy!


Photo by: Morgan J. Schneider

Not only are these snacks super easy to make but they are also inexpensive! I hope this helps inspire you (and me) to make healthier choices.

Until next time,

Gaby V. 

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