Feeling Moody? There’s An Ariana Grande Song For That

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande has climbed the charts and sang her way into our hearts these past couple of months. If you’re an Ari stan, you’re in the right place! Dropping hit after hit she’s given us a song for practically every mood. Ranging from the “I’m ugly crying while eating ice cream in my sweats”, to the “where's my little black dress and red lipstick?" songs. This short list will get you through your day!

Starting with my personal favorite:

Can you even hear the song with how loud you're crying?

 If you’re feeling overly emotional or just want to drown into your sorrows, these are the songs that get the tears flowing.

Ghostin (2019)

One Last Time (2014)

Almost Is Never Enough (2013)

Better Left Unsaid (2013)


Please stop calling your ex.

Reread the bold… these right here are heart breakers. No matter the breakup, they’ll relate.

In my head (2019)

Everytime (2018)

Better off (2018)

Imagine (2019)

Best Mistake (2014)


Better than revenge


 When you’re moving on with life accepting what the universe has created for you.

Thank u, next (2019)

No tears left to cry (2018)

I Don’t Care (2016)

Problem (2014)


Relaxing with the windows down

These are the songs that remind me of the “good ol’ days” when we all blasted Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

Everyday (2016)

The Way (2013)

Honeymoon Avenue (2013)

Put Your Hearts Up (2011)


Just one of those days

 Some days are just better than others and these songs aren’t made for those. These songs are great for that chilling vibe where you're not sad, but you're not happy either.

Fake smile (2019)

Breathin' (2018)

Thinking Bout You (2016)

Be Alright (2016)


Falling into the abyss that is love

These songs are the equivalent of that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you first start liking someone or talking to someone new.

Into you (2016)

Moonlight (2016)

Touch It (2016)

Tattooed Heart (2013)


Who is she?!

The jaw-dropping "I cannot believe this is Ariana Grande, when did she get so grown, but now I feel like a bad B too" songs.

Bloodline (2019)

Side To Side (2016)

7 rings (2019)

Make up (2019)


Having Ariana Grande on replay helps me get through my mood swings, and hopefully, this article will help guide you through yours!