The Benefits Of Dance.

Recently, as quarantine continues, I have attained a new hobby: dancing. With more time on my hands and no gym to go to, I figured dancing is the next best thing that could add quality to my life. Dancing has many benefits, which I will be sharing with you in this article. 

Improves cardiovascular health

Dance is a form of cardio, but the cool thing is that you don’t have to jog or run. You can actually have fun while getting your heart pumping. Many styles like hip-hop, salsa, tap and even ballet can get your heart pumping in no time due to the variety of movement needed to do these dances. Not to mention that depending on the song you dance to, the intensity of the cardio can increase.

Improves balance and strength 

Dance also can be a form of strength training. Most professional dancers acquire muscle due to performing movements that require you to use certain muscles. As well as, dance can help with balance within your body. Ballet is a dance form that can transform the way you carry your body, balance and strength are needed to dance this style. Although, all dance styles do help you develop those traits. 

Challenges your brain 

Not only is dance just about the fun and the music, it is mostly about the dance moves you learn. Each move is never the same and dance is always becoming more creative with movement. If you have tried patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time before, then your brain has experienced what it is like to actually dance. Your legs and arms could either be doing the same or opposite thing. As well as, your legs and arms could be moving at the same or opposite time. These moves challenge your brain by making it more aware and focused on different parts of your body and what they are supposed to do at certain times. 

Helps boost your mood

Overall, dance is a great form of both physical and mental exercise but dance can also be an emotional booster. Dance helps to release endorphins and is usually done in a social setting which can help people make new connections ultimately, leading to a happier mood. As well as, this activity can be a stress reliever and just simply remind you to have fun!