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All About Goat Yoga

I just turned twenty a couple of weeks ago. I told myself that twenty was the year that I would break out of my comfort zone and try something new at least once a month. So going into my twentieth birthday, I knew I had to do something different. I was scrolling through instagram one day and saw an advertisement for goat yoga. What's goat yoga, you ask? It's exactly as it sounds -- it's yoga with goats!

At first I was little apprehensive about going because I wasn’t sure how I would react to the little animals all over me, but it was such an amazing experience

My friend and I decided to go to Jupiter, Florida to a place called “Downward Goat”. It was a few hours away, but we turned it into a day trip. We woke up around 5:00am to make it to the 9:00am class. Once we got to the farm and saw the goats for ourselves, the excitement started to kick in. People brought their yoga mats and set them on the floor just like a regular yoga class, but once they did, the goats started to come up to us and the laughs didn't stop. Those little guys are not shy at all! Even when the instructor would make us do certain poses on the ground, they would jump on our backs, which made for great photos.

I know that one would think that with the goats it might be hard to actually focus and do yoga. Let me tell you that I've taken many yoga classes, but this one was probably my favorite, regardless of the goats being there. The yoga instructor fully understands that most people are there just for the goats so she just continues teaching, when people are paying attention to the goats. Since we do the yoga outside, she really uses that and helps the class practice mindfulness despite our surroundings. Downward Goat is not only a great place for relaxing yoga, but also a great place for laughs and a never-forgetful experience.

You don’t have to have a birthday to consciously make a decision to step out of your comfort zone. Make it your goal to try something new just once a month! Living starts when you sign up for things that you usually wouldn’t. Have goat yoga next on your to-do list! You will not regret it.

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