The Alchemist- Your College Reading Requirement

I honestly don’t consider myself much of a reader, but this book got me hooked. It's definitely a book you have to add to your own personal "College Reading Requirement" list. The more people I told I was reading it the more I kept hearing how many lives it had touched, especially lives of several people I'm close to. This confirmed to me how life-changing this book really is and I don't believe it's an accident that I was recommended to read it this year.

The story behind why I got this book now gives me chills after having finally finished it. I was in Paris last December with a new friend I had made on study abroad, and we went to Shakespeare and Company. We were there mostly because of another book I had read, that inspired me to go check this magical little book store out, and now I feel lucky to have felt the magic of this place for myself. Before leaving, I had a gut feeling tell me to ask my new friend what her favorite book was, and to buy it. By now you can guess what book this was- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. 

The book goes into several topics you go through in your journey to fulfilling your personal legend. Personally, I couldn't have read this book at a better time in my life now that I'm graduating from college and I have to reflect on what's next for me. Below are a few points a reader will gain from this book and why it should be the next book added to your bookshelf. 

1. Following your dreams and listening to your heart is crucial to figuring out what you feel called to do.

2. Sometimes you have to leave the places and people you consider home to discover who you are, want to be, and all you already have within yourself.

3. Believe that the Universe is supporting you in your journey, and you’ll eventually feel its support.

4. Reinventing your dreams is part of the journey to fulfilling all parts of you.

5. Aim to be better and stronger than your old self everyday, and it’ll inspire the world around you to be the best versions of them selves too.

6. Save for a rainy day but also for the day you want to chase after something bigger than yourself. 

7. Listen to your curiosity and questions to lead you to your passions.

8. Believe that by aiming to be your truest self you are leaving your best legacy.

9. Your life's best treasure is the journey it takes to see it was within you all along. 

10. Pay attention to the omens in your life, listening to that gut feeling of what is good and right is what will lead you to living your best life.