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Summer is Just Around the Corner…You Should Join Planet Fitness!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

Planet Fitness offers incredible deals for their customers including a $10 a month plan for one gym and a $20 a month plan for full access to all locations. Planet Fitness is a great way for beginners to start their workout grind that allows them to explore all different machines. Personally, I used to go to the gym and do cardio for an hour and left feeling unaccomplished. 

Every machine they have has a QR code you can scan to learn how to use the machine which allows users to feel more confident. Learning to use varying machines causes gym participants to achieve their dream bodies by becoming stronger. Weight lifting has never been so easy!

A few months ago I could barely squat with a 20lbs dumbbell, but because Planet Fitness feels judgement free, I have been able to successfully lift 120lbs. Growth like this is possible for everyone and why not reach your personal training goals while not breaking the bank. Planet Fitness is the perfect solution for students to begin to workout judgement free and get cracking on that summer body!

My name is Joely Pasetsky and I am a Senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently live on campus in New York City and love living here. I am studying Fashion Business Management with a minor in Ethics and Sustainability. I love shopping, obviously, hanging out with friends, and experiencing New York City.