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Meeting new people and forming new relationships can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially in college.  Setting boundaries is a crucial part of someone’s physical and mental well-being. College allows for many situations in which boundary setting may be necessary. Living with new roommates, creating friendships, and developing romantic relationships all impact one’s mental health. Knowing how to set boundaries makes it easier to navigate these new situations. Boundaries exist not only to set the tone of the relationships in your life, but also for the relationship you have with yourself. 

Boundaries allow us to coexist with others in a peaceful way. Boundaries can be set for:

  • Personal space
  • Possessions
  • Time and energy
  • Private emotions

An example of setting a boundary is letting your roommate know that you have set quiet time for yourself every day. Another example of a boundary is letting your romantic partner know where you stand on physical intimacy.

Setting boundaries, especially in social situations, requires communication skills, patience, and self-awareness. College is a busy, stressful and exciting time, so it is sometimes difficult to take time to practice these skills. However, taking some time to self-reflect and journal will allow you to stay intact with your emotions and limits.

Setting boundaries has a numerous amount of benefits. They can improve your self esteem, protect your energy, and give you more independence.

Not every single person in your life is entitled to your energy 100% of the time. It is important to communicate your limits to others so that they are aware of this. The way others react to your boundaries is not your fault. You are simply communicating what is best for you and your well-being.

I'm Jacqueline and I'm a 20 year old student attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I am from Long Island, New York and I'm currently studying Advertising and Marketing Communications.
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