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Given these crazy times, you probably are spending much time on social media. Unlocking our phones, opening up Instagram, and aimlessly scrolling has become a habit for many. This is completely fine under one circumstance — the content you are consuming should add value to your life, not the opposite.  

Since it is so ingrained into our everyday routines, many do not recognize the way social media may leave us feeling. I was here once too, and it was not fun. I would log off and end up feeling drained. 

The secret: Filter out your digital space.

Taking the time to filter out your digital space will completely change your life. You will quickly realize how many accounts you follow that no longer serve you. If you want to live your best life, you should only be following accounts that align with the person you aim to be. Toxicity exists online and without recognition, it can easily impact our moods if we willingly expose ourselves to it.

Do not get me wrong, social media is crucial during these times to connect us to our loved ones! Just be sure to acknowledge how you are feeling after putting your phone down and take steps towards making your social media accounts ones fostering positivity. 

Rianna is a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Advertising & Marketing Communications, Psychology and Integrative Wellness. She is a lover of all things wellness, health and lifestyle!
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