4 Underrated Activewear Brands You Need to Try

Below are four of my favorite activewear brands that are bound to be yours too:

  1. Set Active has activewear in so many different colors. They offer leggings, trendy sports bra styles, and sweat sets. My favorite products from them are the Scupltflex Leggings and the Ribbed One Shoulder Bra. They are both seamless, flattering, and not see through!

  2. 2. Girlfriend Collectivehttps://www.instagram.com/girlfriend/ 

    Girlfriend Collective focuses on inclusivity and sustainability. They want everyone to be able to love their product and not feel guilty wearing it. Their products are made from recycled plastic water bottles, which is interesting.

  3. Alo is definitely well known compared to the others mentioned above, but I feel like they deserve way more hype. Alo was founded in Los Angeles and manufactures their products ethically.

  4. 4. Free People Movementhttp://instagram.com/fpmovement 

    Made by Free People, their activewear brand is just what you would expect. It’s trendy and comfortable. All of their products come in a variety of stunning colors and prints.