10 Reasons Why You Are Enough

As a teenager, there are some words I could have really done with hearing. Here's to the young women who need to hear how much they glow.

You are strong. Even in your weakest and darkest place, you will recover.

You are bold. When everything feels like its crumbling around you, you have your heart.

You are beautiful. You soul lights up a room.

You are smart. Your intelligence expresses itself in many different and unique forms that will set you free.

You are thoughtful. You mind tickles every thought with care.

You are courageous. You are here today and you are here to stay.

You are talented. Your craft will grow as you nurture it and you'll be a success one day.

You are loved. Even when you feel alone, there is always someone who is thinking of you.

You are loving. You mean everything to those around you and you impact their lives even if you don't know it.

You are golden. Your shine is a bright glow that lights up a room, even in the darkest corners.