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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

When you need to be focused, but music seems boring, podcasts are the way to go. Personally I love listening to podcasts while walking on the stairmaster in the RecPlex. It makes 40 minutes feel like 10. Today, I am going to share my favorite top three motivational podcasts. 

  1. Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty
    1. Gretchen Geraghty is a Youtuber and Podcaster who is able to brighten any room with her sunny demeanor. She covers a variety of motivational topics like overthinking and finding independence. However, some of her episodes are her favorite items and travel guides. Gretchen’s podcast is sure to brighten your day.
  1. Jim Rohn Talks
    1. Jim Rohn is an American entrepreneur and motivational speaker. His podcasts are not only motivational, but educational. Rohn is a successful business owner who shares his experiences in the workplace. In addition to this he also covers themes like change, self discipline, and finding your future self. The combination of personal anecdotes and great life advice makes this podcast worth the listen!
  1. Too Smart For This by Alexis Barber
    1. Alexis Barber is a Gen Z content creator and Google Marketing manager who discusses how to succeed in the workplace. Her podcast also covers how women of color face certain challenges post graduation and how they can move past them. Alexis Barber is able to use her own personal experiences in order to help all listeners feel more confident. 

All three of these podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. This finals season take the time to listen to a podcast when you are feeling overwhelmed and it may just give you the motivation that you need to succeed. 

XO Olivia 

Olivia Sperduto is a writer and on the social media team for Her Campus at Fairfield University. She mainly writes about fashion, but has covered additional categories such as food and pop culture. In addition to writing she also helps the social media team curate posts for the Instagram page, brainstorm ideas in order to boost engagement on various social media platforms, and designs instagram stories highlighting the weekly articles. Beyond Her Campus, Olivia is a part of Stags in the Stands Marketing team, where she creates instagram stories to encourage attendance at athletic events. She is also a general member of Women in Business, and Marketing Club at Fairfield University. She is currently in her second year at Fairfield University, where she is majoring in International Business and Marketing. Off campus she works for a Fairfield based Marketing Consulting Firm where she works on a variety of different projects including video editing, website redesign, and podcast development. In her free time, Olivia loves to exercise and go on walks. In the summer she spends a majority of her time at the Jersey Shore going to the beach and spending time with her Dog, Chelsea. She loves to read, mainly fiction novels.