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6 Ways to Burn Fat Without Running

We all have heard that losing weight requires exercise and a healthy diet. Most people believe that running is the most effective activity for fat loss because it’s an intensive cardio work out. However, there are other ways to burn fat that don’t make you feel like a hamster on a wheel. These lifestyle changes will improve your health and help you achieve a leaner physique.

1.More Sleep

You heard right. While you’re sleeping, your body is recovering from the day by repairing cells, cleansing out toxins, and reducing stress. All these elements are essential for the body to burn fat. Make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of 7-8 hours. 

2. You are what you eat.

Though it is important to exercise weekly, the majority of fat can build from an unhealthy diet. Stick to eating lean meats, fruits, and vegetables and whole grains. 

3.   Hydration Station.

This isn’t a shocker but drinking a lot of water flushes out any toxins and keeps your body hydrated. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and is vital for your body to function. 

4. Weight Training

Exercising with dumbbells to target certain muscles will increase your metabolic rate and muscle. Plus, you can easily move at your own slow pace verses being out of breath on treadmill. 

5. Spice Up Your Life         

Spicy foods boost your metabolism. Try incorporating hot sauce with chicken or your morning eggs. Another option is to simply sprinkle jalapeno or cayenne seasoning to any of your favorite dishes. 

6. Limit Your Alcohol

This is tough especially when you’re in college but when you drink a heavy amount of alcohol, it digests as sugar, which eventually transforms into fat. 

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