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Surviving Final Year, love a Final Year x

This is it they say, the big one, the one that really counts and all your hard work at school, college and uni leads up to. But, if you flip the coin it is just another year at uni. Sure you want to get your head down, bring your A game and do yourself justice, but keeping perspective throughout your final year is the most important thing. Your essays, dissertation and exams matter, of course they do, but nothing is worth you mounting pressure onto yourself to the point of collapse or exhaustion, it just isn’t. Sure we’ve all been disppointed and downright p***ed off with feedback we’ve had back, and we promise ourselves that next time we’ll get that 1% extra which means absolutely everything. But even when it comes to your overall degree classification, will getting a 2:1 rather than a First, with 60.5% or 69%, or whatever your goal is, really confine you to eternal unhappiness? Who knows, maybe I’ll check in with you all in 10 years and say yeah it has done, but honestly there is so much more to life!! We’re all beyond confused as to which path we’ll end up on, and what can we do right now to secure the best future, but the point is you’ll figure it out. We all have our own personal goals, and I hold my hands up to dwelling on my B in French GCSE for a good 2 weeks post-Results Day, but have I given it even a seconds thought in the last 5 years, HELL NA. 

Perspective people; give some time to taking a step back and focussing on what you really want out of what you’re doing now, and where you want it to lead you, strip back everything and decide what you value the most and then crack on. I’m not adovating having an existential crisis and throwing the towel in 2 weeks before your diss hand in, I mean you do you, but don’t risk your bubble being burst by 1 disappointing grade, rather get yourself in a good place where you can see it for what it is; one lecturer not loving your assessment of some theory that you will probably never remember once you graduate anyway – it ain’t that deep. 

Just as everyone advocates against defining yourself by numbers on a weighing scale, or by instagram likes, neither is your worth measured by your coursework grades. It can sound cringe, and no one ever wants to talk deep, but realistically this uni thing is temporary, so step back and appreciate the time you have in this weird, in between school and real adult life situ.

As with everything, it’s easier said than done, fairs dos, I hear ya. All I’m saying is, be organsied, get your shit done and when you’re feeling good, let yourself feel good. Work hard, accept whatever the outcome is, and figure out your next step from there. The mental health of uni students stands at an appalling rate, with stress, pressure and social anxiety causing so many young people, with such potential, to end up in really dark places, so never forget, especially during the dreaded deadline and exam seasons, to take a step back. Keep yourself in check, having a bit of detachment from your studies is what will keep you sane!! 

So, moral of the story is, final year is designed to be intellectually challening, you gotta do something to deserve a degree! But don’t sacrifice yourself or your wellbeing, because ain’t nothing worth that!!! Take a deep breath, drink loads of water, it’s all gonna be fine. 


I'm Claudia, a third year Politics student at the University of Exeter, who loves all things Her Campus!
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