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How to Improve Your Health… According to Witches

Halloween is on its way and with it comes images of goblins, witches, and werewolves! Witchcraft, however, isn’t just for Halloween. People all over the world practice it year-round.

Before we go any further, discard the picture of witches with warts flying through the air on their broomsticks. Actually, witchcraft has a strong connection to nature and an equally strong connection to health and wellbeing. Practicing magic for real witches relies on mindfulness, meditation, and positive thinking. It involves visualisation and reaching mentally for goals. So why not get into the Halloween-spirit and try out some witch-y ways to better health!

Here are 3 things you can take from a witch’s Book of Shadows (spell book) to put to use for your own wellbeing:

1. Invest in some herbs! When medical knowledge was lacking, people would look to witches for natural remedies. Though not a substitute for a doctor, they might help relieve these symptoms:

Nauseated? Try smelling some mint; it’s amazing aromatherapy!

Upset stomach? Try cooking with or making tea out of fennel or mint.

Nasty cold? Cook with lots of garlic; not only does it offer protection (not just from vampires), but it adds a healthy boost to your food.

Fever? Sage might help your temperature go down. Sage was also used as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic and tonic, and as a remedy for snakebites and palsy.

Anxious? Try some lemon balm or lemon tea. It will calm your nerves, boost your mood, and its calming effects make it a perfect complimentary herb in dream sachets. 

2. Prepare to cast a spell! To cast a spell as a white witch, your mind is the most powerful tool! Spells require complete focus and dedication. Here is a practice exercise:

Find a quiet moment with a pleasant view (or a photograph of one). Focus all your energy on the view in front of you. Think about how lovely it is. Think of how lucky you are to be able to see and appreciate it. When you feel ready, say, “I’m grateful for all the good things in my life.” Listen to your voice as you say the words, thinking of the inflections in it. Think of the words soaring out across the view in front of you. Repeat the words as many times as you want to until you feel them resonate with you. When you move away from your quiet spot, you should feel positive and calm.

3. Perform a cleansing spell; this cleans away ill will, leaving good fortune in its place. It’s good to do when stressed or worried as a form of self-care.

Attempt this spell in the evening before bed. Go outside, and collect oak leaves and an acorn. Bring them home and wash them off. Then, fill a bath with warm water, pour the leaves in and squeeze in lemon juice from half a lemon. As you stand next to the bath, hold the acorn. Think of the source of your worry and think of it floating away through the air, out the window and beyond the horizon. Imagine positive thoughts swarming and protecting you. Imagine the positivity soaring around you and entering the acorn. Imagine the positivity filling the acorn to the brim. Then, climb into the bath, soak, and enjoy. Sleep with the acorn under your pillow. When you wake the next morning, preferably before sunrise, go outside, and let the light hit the acorn as the sun rises. Imagine the positive energy inside it, swirling and twirling in the sunlight. Imagine the sun touching every bit of the acorn, infusing it with light, love and good fortune. Keep the acorn with you in your pocket and it will bring you the positivity you want in your life.

If you’re curious about modern day witchcraft, there are plenty of books and websites with information, tips, and spells. You could make Halloween last all year!

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