Advice for Staying Safe, Healthy and Happy During your Freshers' Week!

Fresher’s week can be one of the most memorable and crazy weeks of your first year at Uni. You’re in a flat with completely new people and you have hundreds of societies to choose from, trying taster sessions and joining daily socials! It can be overwhelming, making friends with new people, going on nights out and trying to settle into your new home for the next year. But it’s really important to enjoy it in the way that’s best for you, making loads of amazing memories to look back on. This also means that during fresher’s week you need to look out for your own safety, as you are in a completely new city with completely new people. So here’s some advice for staying safe in fresher’s week.


Stay together

On a night out, it’s a good idea to travel in groups.  You can get to know your flatmates better, it’s much safer than being on your own and there are more people to remember the way home after a long night! It’ll also mean your taxi home is so much cheaper, especially if decide you can’t be bothered to work out the way back to your flat (finding yourself wondering why your door key isn’t working as you swipe it on the wrong building!!!)


Cover the essentials before you go out on the town

If you’re going out drinking, eat before you go out! This is the best excuse to stuff yourself full of carbs, which we all know is the ultimate food group.  Don’t drink on an empty stomach, as you’ll feel worse for it the next day.  Also, charge your phone! If you need to ring a taxi on a night out or find out where one of your friends is, you’ll need a fully functioning phone.


Keep your eyes on your drink

Clubs and pubs are a lot more wary of drink spiking nowadays but it’s still important to keep an eye on your drink. If you get a bad feeling about a drink, don’t risk it!


Use the Apple Taxis-Estate Patrol system

Exeter’s taxi service, Apple Taxis, have an amazing emergency system set up with the University. If you find yourself out in the city, it’s dark and all your friends have walked the other way (thinking you’re with them) and you don’t have any money, you can ring Apple Taxis and ask them to take you to the 24/7 estate patrol on Campus. Here you will put your name down and your final address. The taxi will then take you home without charging you so you can get home safely even in a sticky situation. You will then be required to pay the University the fair at a later date – so don’t forget to!  Use this if you’re ever stuck, lost and on your own!


Ask the Welcome Team

The Welcome Team are volunteer undergraduate students from the older years who are around in the city on shifts at night. You can ask them for help and directions on the way to the clubs and bars or after when you’re trying to remember your way home.  If you’re confused, just ask them for help! They’ll be pretty obvious as they’ll be in a bright pink t-shirts and they’ll be stone cold sober.


Do it at your own pace

The most important thing about Fresher’s week is to do it at your own pace. You don’t need to go out drinking every night if you don’t want to. You don’t have to go out drinking at all, you can attend socials and taster sessions with flatmates during the day or even join them for pre-drinks before a night out but stay at home instead of going out. There isn’t a right way to do Fresher’s and you should make sure you do it the way you want to. Try and ignore any social pressure to do anything you’re uncomfortable doing, because if anyone is forcing you they’re probably not a lifelong friend in the making.

But whatever you fancy doing this Fresher’s week whether it’s going out, trying all the societies or just staying in, make sure you’re having an amazing time and staying safe while you do!