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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

It is a common practice each January that the normally unsuspecting gym environment becomes home to a much wider variety of people. Left practically empty during the Christmas period, the gym takes on it busiest month whilst we attempt to put our new year’s resolutions into practice, or lose the pounds we piled on during the holidays. The post-Christmas gym environment attracts an eclectic mix of people, yet they are the same each year and can almost always be pigeon holed into 10 stereotypes. So when you find yourself working-out this month, see how many of them you can spot, you may even recognise yourself amongst them!

1. The one on a diet

The average person is said to gain up to half a stone over Christmas and there is no better way to shed the pounds than a number of good gym sessions. There will always be someone in the gym trying to regain their September figure!

Commonly found: on the cross trainer counting calories burned

Attire: gym sweats


2. The one trying to get fit

I’m referring to that guy who made a drunken bet on New Year’s Eve that he would run a half marathon in the New Year and is now desperately trying to get in shape.

Commonly found: struggling on the treadmill at level 10, constantly jumping off for breaks or lowering the speed

Attire: trying to look the part in branded breathable sports tops


3. The delusional one

The one who hasn’t been in the gym all holiday and embarrasses themselves by thinking they are still as fit as they were before Christmas.

Commonly found: at the weights section failing to lift the amount they put on

Attire: Sweatbands and Nike fitted training gear

4. The skinny one

The skinny, scrawny guy trying to build up some muscle in the New Year.

Commonly found: on the arms and upper body machines

Attire: oversized T-Shirts – attempting to appear more muscular


5. The intense one

This is the person who has clearly been in the gym all through Christmas and the New Year, undoubtedly taking full advantage of the Christmas Eve opening hours. They are seen working far too hard, sweating and often training for twice the length of the average gym-goer.

Commonly found: all over the gym following their training program

Attire: brand new gym kit received in their stocking


6. The newbie

Cheap January gym sign-ups are always enticing, especially to those who have made it their new year’s resolution to join the gym. They can be spotted looking out of place or confused in the gym environment, often shadowing other people in an attempt to look as if they know what they are doing.

Commonly found: lurking at the water fountain

Attire: tracksuit bottoms and an everyday T-Shirt – clearly unprepared

7. The guy on the prowl

By this I am referring to the guy looking for a new year’s fling with a ‘fit gym bird’. They regularly attend throughout the month and are seen to be working hard and looking buff.

Commonly found: chatting up a girl by the mats

Attire: perfectly groomed, showing off his pecks in a beater


8. The girl on the prowl

The girl on the prowl is one who is clearly only at the gym in order to find a guy. Her workout is practically non-existent, God forbid she breaks into a sweat!

Commonly found: walking on the treadmill

Attire: caked in make-up, hair down, sports bra and lycra shorts 

9. The middle-aged one

The man in his 40’s who has clearly been forced into the gym by his wife on account of eating too much Christmas pudding. Always looks uninterested and slightly depressed when watching younger girls and guys work out.

Commonly found: bored on the bike

Attire: Dad Adidas polo shirts


10. The know-it-all

The know-it-all, both male and female, can be found walking around the gym annoyingly offering unwanted instruction (often to complete strangers) on the best and safest way to exercise. Always frustratingly cocky!

Commonly found: all over the gym

Attire: professional looking sports kit


So there you have it, the HCX guide to Gym Stereotypes you’ll be seeing during your January work-outs. Enjoy!


Image Credits: mtv.com,  skinnyguystips.blogspot.co.uk, sunderland.gov.uk, pagosadailypost.com