Why Valentine's Day Isn't Exclusive

Every year on the fourteenth of February, many people around the world celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. This is a day that involves a lot of love, feelings, gifts, chocolate, flowers and an abundance of the colour red. For a lot of people, it's an opportunity to celebrate their relationship with a person, whether platonic and romantic. However, has it ever occurred to you why it is that we celebrate love on this particular day? Even when you have nothing against the known story of Saint Valentine,  here are a few reasons that will not make you hate it or disgrace it but would rather make you think about the motives you may have for celebrating this romantic day.

Do we need such a feast to express and celebrate love? Well, the feelings and emotions of love that we all carry in a way or another can literally be expressed at any time, everywhere and in whichever way we prefer. It would be quite strange and harsh if you just decide to hold your feelings towards your beloved ones back until you reveal them on Valentine’s day. You deserve to love and be loved, so you must go ahead and break down this symbolic exclusivity of love and passionate emotions.

In fact, Valentine’s Day might be a bit overrated, for love in its purest form can be seen through real influential actions. It is quite nice and enchanting to surprise the ones you love with cute reddish gifts, flowers or chocolate during Valentine’s Day but it would be nicer if the people you like and care about would find you in their vicinity when they need you. You don’t really need romantic surprises or gifts to show your feelings but sacrifice, honest care, and deeply connected hearts are the best gifts that last for a lifetime, not for a mere single day. Your presence in their life could be the best present ever.

Do you really have to be sad or lonely because you are single? Does it even matter? You have chosen to live that way or may not feel ready for any sort of commitment yet, so why do you have to bother? In fact, this could be the day to show love towards yourself or others around you like your parents, siblings, friends, your pets or even any inanimate objects that are significant in your life. Although you do not need Valentine's Day to tell them how much you love them or hand them gifts and you don’t need a significant other to feel “significant” to enjoy celebrating love,  just seize that opportunity that this day affords you and express your love towards anyone or anything that is important in your life. You already have people to love and who love you back, so don’t worry about lacking any love in your life.

Despite the fact that Saint Valentine Day is just a symbolic event that reminds people to maintain love and compassion in their lives, love is a universal concept that cannot be restricted within one day or among a particular category of people, regardless of their relationship status.