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Budget Baking: Oat and Honey Biscuits

As the cold weather sets in and long days in the library roll around, it's nice to have some yummy snacks close by to satisfy those mid-afternoon sugar cravings. It's even better when those snacks are homemade and make your kitchen smell like heaven whilst they're cooking.

Baking on a student budget is fairly easy, provided you find simple recipes and source the cheapest ingredients. It's also a bonus when you can adapt those ingredients to fit different recipes and, of course, use them in your usual everyday meals.

My recipe for oat and honey biscuits has been adapted from this recipe and only uses a few simple ingredients. You could make porridge or flapjacks from the same ingredients, so remember to keep your cupboard well stocked! 


- 150g oats 

- 100g flour (plain white is fine, I just prefer wholemeal!)

- 100g sugar 

- 4tbsp honey 

- 100g butter


Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees. Melt the sugar, honey and butter in a pan, mixing until the liquid has a smooth consistency. Then, pour the liquid into a large bowl with the oats and flour, mixing it all together until all the ingredients stick together.

Use either your hands or two spoons to separate the mixture into roughly sixteen biscuit balls, and then lay them out on baking trays. Use the back of a spoon to flatten each biscuit slightly, and then place the trays in the oven to cook for around 15 minutes until they look golden. They will harden as they cool so resist leaving them in for a few extra minutes even if they're slightly soft - learn from my mistakes!

Voila, tasty treats at the ready! 

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