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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

I used to think self-affirmations were fake, useless, and honestly, kind of weird.

But now, I think the exact opposite.

Ever since I’ve started college, I’ve seen self-affirmations pop up all over my Instagram feed all the time. I didn’t think much of it. Then, I saw a TikTok involving self-affirmations. It was of the cutest little three-year-old, Scarlett, and her mom, Tiania. They filmed videos where the mom would use “repeat after me” phrases and positive affirmations and the little girl would repeat them right back. This trend of the duo getting ready for school, embracing and grounding themselves with affirmations became a staple for my for-you page.

Most of the videos with Scarlett and Tiania relay affirmations about self-acceptance, self-love, and embracing natural beauty. As someone who loves Tiktok, getting ready videos, and cute kids, these videos have always appealed to me. But that wasn’t all… I could see the genuine smile and courage on both of their faces every time they said an “I am” affirmation. So, I started saying them in my head.

Before a test or a stressful homework assignment, I would say something along the lines of: “I am okay. I am strong. I am smart. I am capable. and I got this!”

With every affirmation I said, I felt more calm, capable, and centered.

Sometimes, affirmations slip my mind, but the times I remember the most are when my friends or peers are in need of a confidence boost. Although some people think it may be silly, I think it really works. I’ll tell my friend(s), “Repeat after me, I am… [fill in the blank]”

We may giggle as we say it, but I know it works. They always end up sighing with relief and have a big smile on their face (as do I).

It’s funny to think that one Tiktok really made all the difference in an effective strategy to provide a little extra love and support to myself!

Now, I use self-affirmations daily, with my friends, family, strangers, everyone, and you should too! It’s quick, easy, and I believe they can really make you and others see your inner potential :)

If you’re interested in checking out the wonderful mom + daughter duo, their account is @scarlettandtiania [on Tiktok] and it currently has 4.6 million followers and over 150 million likes!! How incredible!

So, here’s your daily reminder to give yourself credit for all the hard work you’ve done, be proud of yourself, and use those affirmations!!!


Seal <3

Selia Potas

Endicott '23

Hi friends! My name is Seal, I'm currently the President of Her Campus, and I'm so excited you're here!! I'm a junior art education major with a concentration in secondary education and a minor in creative arts therapy at Endicott College in Beverly, MA!