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Whether it be stress or seasonal depression, there is always something to help you feel better mentally and physically. For me I know the weather is making me feel a little down, but doing these few things have definitely helped me to stay okay. 

Journaling has always been something that has helped me as well. Whether it be writing about my day or drawing in my bullet journal, I know I can always carve out 10-15 minutes every few days to get some things down on paper. This past month I have been doing something called shadow journaling. This is a kind of journaling that has you think about past experiences and how you felt among other things. I've found this very helpful thinking about how I can change situations for my future. For me, bullet journaling is my favorite kind of self care. Just sitting and doodling is so much fun! 

One thing I recently have started doing is going to the gym. As someone who was very active during high school, not having a sport to do every night has been hard on my mental and physical health. I recommend starting slow. You don't have to go and use every machine and go every day. I started with simple workouts like walking on the treadmill and simple weight lifting. Going to the gym does come with some mental blocks, but once they are overcome, working out can be a great stress relief. Also I recommend blasting some feel good music while you do it, you'll feel like a baddie (specifically strutting on the treadmill to any Lady Gaga). 

Something I think many of us can relate to is taking a full shower. If you don't know what a full shower is, here is a quick run down. You obviously wash your hair and body but you add more self-care elements such as using a hair mask, body scrub, shaving your legs, and putting on lotion afterwards. I know it can be hard sometimes when you get into a negative headspace to take care of yourself, but once you're done you feel like a completely new person. 

Lastly, skin care is a huge help in making me feel better. If I can't push myself to get into the shower, I always know I can at the very least do my full or half of my skin care routine. I love getting and trying new products so of course this is on my list. My favorites right now are the Skincare By Hyram Centella and Green Tea Hydrating Gel Cleanser, Bliss What A Melon toner, Drunk Elephant LaLa Retro Whipped Cream Moisturizer, and lastly the Versed Game Over Acne Drying Treatment. These all make my skin feel amazing! 

I hope these few things will help you feel better and remember it's all about what makes you feel good and like yourself again! What may work for me may not work for you!

Hi! I'm Alexandra but everyone calls me Lexi! I'm a psychology major with a minor in creative art therapy here at Endicott and I am so excited to be writing for Her Campus!
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