First Aid Beauty Survival Kit Product Samples

Review: First Aid Beauty Survival Kit Products

  1. 1. First Aid Beauty FAB Pure Skin Face Cleanser

    Removes surface oils, makeup, dirt + grime

    Overall Rating: 4/5

    Effectiveness: 3/5

    Smell: None

    Description: This product seemed like it was supposed to be a moisturizer or a lotion, so using it as makeup remover was quite odd. On the bright side, it was not oily, which is always a bonus, but I did need to pair it with my own liquid makeup remover, but I would say it worked fairly well. Personally, I’m not a fan of the consistency of the cleanser, but others might be more inclined. I would be interested in using a different form of cleanser! Despite my own preferences, I would say if I only had this sample packet to get me through one night, it would get the job done.

  2. 2. First Aid Beauty FAB Intense Hydration for Dry Parched Skin

    Safe for Sensitive Skin

    Overall Rating: 5/5

    Effectiveness: 5/5

    Smell: Fresh & clean

    Description: Soft, soothing, and smooth! I loved this product, I definitely will be investing in it in the future. It wasn’t oily at all, easily rubbed into my skin, and dramatically helped with my dry skin! This is a winter MUST. 

  3. 3.  HELLO FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

    Safe for Sensitive Skin 

    Overall Rating: 2/5

    Effectiveness: 1/5

    Smell: None

    Description: Oh no, I had high hopes for this product, but it unfortunately let me down. It was oily, greasy, sticky and I had to instantly wash it off my face! It was such a bummer considering the other two products worked well. I would sadly not recommend this product :(