What Spring Flower is your College Roommate?

The weather is getting warmer. The first buds are coming up. You and your roommate have been rooming together for a good part of the year now. By now, hopefully you've been able to get a grasp on what type of flowery aroma comes from the relationship you have.  

The Sunflower 

A room like this is delightful. While she's not perfect and may bring boys back a little too often, she has no judgment towards you. She can also incorporate humor into any situation.

The Geranium

Unfortunately, this roommate is as dull as a potted plant. You don't seem to have much in common, although it is hard to know for sure, since your only conversations occur when one of you has run out of dining dollars or forgotten the date. You do know that she is consistent. Whether it is between classes or 10pm on a Saturday night—she'll be in the room.

The Daffodil

Here comes the lightweight: shy at first, but once she tastes the social scene, she'll go wild. This type of roommate will often try to party late, but will probably burn out early. She is up and down—but then again, who isn't?

The Rose

Gorgeous. Flirty. Fun. Intimidating. She'll help you climb to the top of the food chain, but don't let yourself rely too heavily on her rope. She has an appetite for change and will be quick to drop you when she spies a cuter sidekick. Side note—keep your closet locked with your secrets in it: she is quick to snag an outfit, sly remark, or your crush if you give her the chance.

The Dandelion

The over-obsessive-voodoo-practicing-sleep-talker. You are not sure if she aims to be your best friend or ax murderer. Regardless, you are requesting a room change.

The Tulip

The self-loving-boy-crazy-emotional-eater. You will spend many a nights (willingly or unwillingly) listening to this roommate cry over her imperfect body and lost lovers. Nights are late and 8 AMs are tough, but you might not even blame her—society's rougher.

The Orchid

This roommate has an acquired taste. You may not expect to be friends at first, but she will grow to be your strongest companion. Durable through dark days and sunny days, she only dishes what she can take. She's patient enough to listen to your problems and wise enough to deal with them. Don't try to win her heart through flattery, however, like an over watered orchid, she is dead to all words which are insincere or fake.