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Pamper Yourself: Finding Relief from Finals

Searching a reason to get off campus and unwind before finals start? Are you thinking of refreshing your look for the new year/new semester? Whatever your reason may be, there are two exciting, inexpensive options right here in Atlanta!

Paul Mitchell School

Want great hair for a very low price? Better question, want Paul Mitchell hair for a very low price?

Paul Mitchell has a school right in Atlanta! Their hours are flexible and making an appointment comes with no hassle. You can get an even lower price by scheduling an appointment with a Phase-1 stylist, usually first or second years. If you want someone with a bit more experience under their belt and are willing to pay an extra $5-10, then I’d go with a Phase-2 stylist. Visit http://paulmitchellatlanta.edu for more information.

International School of Skin, Nailcare, and Massage Therapy (ISSN)

If you love getting your nails done, then visiting the ISSN would be a great idea. Sure, there are plenty of spas and nail salons not far from campus, but the ISSN is a teaching spa. Like the Paul Mitchell School, this place offers professional spa treatments for unbeatable prices. The best part? You can get a facial for $25! Visit  http://issnschoolspa.com/spa/ for more information.

Whether you just want to visit these places before buckling down for finals, or you need to find a way to treat yourself after exams, the Paul Mitchel School and the ISSN are definitely some of Atlanta’s hidden gems that you need to check out. You deserve it!

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