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Midterms as Told by Titanic

How is it possible that we’re already a month into spring semester?  It seems like just yesterday we were cozy in our childhood beds, enjoying the lazy days of winter break.  Unfortunately, now that we’ve made it past add/drop/swap and syllabus week, midterms are creeping up on us. You’re probably not the only one seriously regretting all that procrastinating. But, maybe with some inspiration from Leo DiCaprio, they won’t be so bad.

When you glace at your planner and realize you have three tests, two papers, and a project all due next week.

You decide it’s time to get out of your pajamas, turn off Netflix, and dust off the textbooks you have yet to open.

While going through your notes, you realize you haven’t absorbed an ounce of information from your classes. It’s going to be a long week.

You’re trucking along. First question is pretty basic, and you’re feeling good.

Then you look at the second question, and it’s a topic that was covered only in the textbook and not in lecture.

You hit a question that makes ZERO SENSE.  You go over to your prof in desperate need of help and he tries to give you a hint.

Now you’re stuck between two answers and have to go with your gut.

You’re feeling on fire, and when you come to the final question, you actually know the answer!

You walk (read: sprint) from the exam room.

Later, you realize you answered a question wrong and can’t seem to let it go.

One exam done. You can hear your bed calling your name, but realize you have another midterm tomorrow…

Time to hit the lib.

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