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Easy Gifts for Your Budget This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching and finals also creeping upon us, it can seem a little overwhelming when searching for the perfect gifts for all of your friends, family and even acquaintances. Here are some useful ideas that can go a long way in helping your procrastination of this gift-giving season!

1. Sweet Treats

Via TheThinkingCloset 

Who doesn’t love a yummy holiday treat? Lots of stores offer packaged holiday goodies that can be a cute and pretty sweet gift! If you don’t want to go out and buy something that’s premade, you can try baking your own cookies or brownies and putting them into a cute spirited mug. If you’re not talented when it comes to baking, filling a mug with different kinds of coffee beans or hot chocolate mixes is always a hit. 

2. Beauty Sets 

Via BeautyTidbits 

Any girl will be happy with the beauty sets that many stores are selling this holiday season. Stores like Sephora, TJ Max, Target, Benefit and UltaBeauty are offering packages like eye shadows, lotions, eyeliners, bath sets and perfumes. You really can’t go wrong here!

3. Travel Accessories

Via Pinterest

With many headed to new destinations over break, or even just traveling home for the holidays, a new passport case or even a new cute luggage tag can be a fun and unexpected gift! If you have a a little more room in your budget, a tote bag for travels is always a necessity.  Everyone loves to travel in style, right?

4. Winter accessories

Via LuxuryDivas

We all know the cold weather has finally arrived. New gloves, hats and scarves are always in the stores at this time of the year. For any college girl, it’s important to arrive to class on a cold day in style. If you ask me, texting gloves are my favorite accessories at this time of the year!

5. Gift Cards

Via HighStreetAZ 

If you still are not totally sure if someone will like any of these ideas, a gift card is always a good option! It can be hard to resist a Starbucks gift card or even a gift card for a new workout class. This gift allows the receiver to chose any gift in the area you chose that is best for them!

Hopefully, these gift ideas get your brain thinking in the holiday spirit. If you have a bigger budget than expected, you can try and combine some of these ideas into a larger gift! Happy shopping and, most importantly, happy holidays!

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