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Dialing Dad: The Forgotten Phone Call

Recently, I wrote about the importance of calling your mom everyday. Honestly, my first instinct when I need to call some advice or just vent is usually my mom. But, maybe it’s time for a switch. Why not call your dad? Let’s be real: he probably finds out everything you tell your mom anyway. He’ll be so happy when he answers the phone and realizes it’s you on the other end.

Dial that phone for dad and ask him the same questions about his day, how he can help you with your essay, and vent to him about your stressful final schedule. He cares about you just as much as your mom does and wants to hear how you are doing.

If you’re in need of anything, he may actually be the guy to call. Need a new outfit for the upcoming winter season? Your mom definitely knows just how much clothing you have in your closet, but your dad is likely to be a little more lenient and a little less aware of whether you really “need” that new pair of boots you are dying to buy.

It’s important to remember that you’ll always be his little girl, even as you get older. If you’re struggling with something or even have something to be proud of, call him. He loves you, supports you through everything, and won’t look down on you. You are his daughter and he is always there for you. He probably brags about you to his friends at work and is always looking for even more reasons to tell people about your latest accomplishments and endeavors.

Although we all might not be the sports experts our fathers wish we were, calling our dads when their favorite sports teams win a game is a great way to connect. You might not know much about sports, but you definitely know that it’s something he cares about. Even if you don’t really know what happened, you can bring it up to him—it’ll make him happy to know you are thinking of him.

Dad can also be your go-to repairman. Maybe you aren’t sure how to fix your broken fridge or the light bulb in the your room that keeps flickering; your dad is likely to know just the trick to fix it. Just pick up the phone and call your Dad; he is sure to probably know just the trick to fix it. While he may not be there to do the task for you, he should be able to give you step by step instructions on how to get things working again. I mean after all, that’s what dads are for, right?


With the stress of finals approaching and your head beginning to explode with facts you “need” to know for your million tests, sometimes you need a brain break and someone to talk to. For all these reasons and more, pick up the phone and call your dad. He is likely to make you feel better, support you, and offer some good advice. Can you ask for much more?

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