Countdown to Winter Break: The Last Week on Campus, As Told By Parks and Rec

It’s the home stretch of the semester, and while winter break is in sight, those last few days at school before traveling home can be some of the worst. Below, you can find an accurate description of how most of us feel about the events of the last week before winter break, as told by Parks and Rec.

1. Navigating the library

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Finals season is a time when every person who has never set foot in the library before suddenly decide that they need to study there all day, every day. Seriously, where did all these people come from?

2. Stress eating

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Chocolate and studying are a wonderful, yet dangerous combination. When exam time comes around, we feel like we deserve to treat ourselves a little more than usual.

3. Cramming

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The moment when we realize that the time it would take to learn everything we need to know for an exam is significantly greater than the time we have to learn it. Oops. Time to cram!

4. Exams

Even if we go into an exam feeling like,

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Sometimes actually taking the exam feels a little more like:

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5. Finally leaving!

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All the hard work will finally be worth it after we walk out of our last exam, knowing we have a school-free month ahead of us.

Best of luck this finals season! Most importantly, remember to celebrate your accomplishments. Happy Holidays!