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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

In today’s day and age, the sad truth is that whether we are crying in our beds or having a picnic in the park, we’ll be scrolling through Instagram. Since we spend so much time on the social media platform, we might as well make it a worthwhile experience, right? Anytime I’m in a bad mood it’s sometimes painful to scroll past pictures of happy girls in their bikinis on the beaches of Bimini. So one night I decided to follow a bunch of uplifting Instagram accounts so that those posts would fill my feed instead. I know uplifting quotes are only bandaids for a bad mood, but just like any piece of advice, it’s nice to have. Here are some of my favorite ones that really helped me regain my confidence post breakup. 

  1. @werenotreallystrangers: This account is by far my favorite of all time because sometimes you don’t need a sappy post, but one that tells you it’s ok to be feeling exactly how you are feeling. That’s what this account does for me. I was in an extremely toxic relationship that was impossible for me to get out of because I cared about the person, but I was getting nothing in return. I kept thinking I was just “giving up” by leaving the relationship and made excuses for the person’s behavior, but never stepped back to acknowledge that I was being mistreated. Their posts are so raw and down to earth that it’s impossible not to get hooked on this account. 

  2. @humansofnewyork: this is an account that puts a smile on my face anyday. One of the biggest things we struggle with as human beings is that we will always feel like we are the only ones going through something. This is just absolutely not true because there are so many people that go through the exact same things we go through. The best thing that helps me through that lonely feeling is to read about other humans going through regular human emotions, accomplishments, and failures throughout their daily lives. This account is run by Brandon Stanton and specializes in sharing the stories of people he meets on the streets of New York, and more recently, the world. Follow this instagram for some inspiring stories.  

  3. @betches: you probably stumble across a million girl power accounts, but this one is my personal favorite. When it comes to relatable posts this account is the holy grail to scroll through on any day when you’re probably procrastinating. This account prides itself on having a focus on the perspective of “brutally honest and self-aware young women.” Basically just a lot of thoughts on love, life, and every topic in between.

  4. @thegoodquote: this account has great quotes that are meant to inspire and motivate. Once again, I know there are a lot of sappy accounts like this out there, but this is the one that I consider to be the most authentic. I am also a huge fan of this account because they have a strong focus on advocating for mental health and self development through literature and discussion. 

  5. @thelatestkate: I definitely did not know enough about mental health before coming to college. Now that it is my second year at Emory University, I’ve learned so much and I find it extremely important to destigmatize it. This account is run by Kate Allan who is a mental health author and illustrator. Her posts serve as the greatest internet hug and make you feel that there are people out there that can be as anxious as you are. Not only this! She tells you how to get through these feelings, and her graphics are super cute. 

Hi i'm Paige! I am a sophmore in the College of Arts and Sciences at Emory University. I'm studying Political Science with a minor in Media Studies. I have an unhealthy obsession with white chocolate-covered pretzels, Rick and Morty, and traveling.
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