4 Excuses To Go To The Gym (Other Than To Work Out)

When it’s 75 degrees on the daily in Atlanta, it’s hard to ignore that beach season is right around the corner. Whether that means you’ll be on a beach in a few weeks for formal or in a few months over summer break, there’s no better time than now to get on top of your workout routine. However, in the midst of all the other things we have on our lists of things to do, the reality is that the gym doesn’t always get priority. That being said, here are some of my favorite reasons to go to the gym when I’m not feeling motivated enough to go for just the sake of working out.

1. Trendy Workout Clothes



I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a Lululemon addict. Their workout outfits are cute enough that you can get away with going to class in them and still looking completely composed. If you’re looking for a cute workout outfit that doesn’t cost as much as Lululemon, try Target or Gap — they have really similar styles for a fraction of the price! Personally, I love wearing my workout leggings and jacket even when I’m not planning on going to workout just to be comfortable while still looking cute. On the other hand, sometimes, just having them on usually motivates me to get myself to the gym. Make the treadmill your runway — literally! 

2. Cute Instructors


I’m sure I’m not alone in confessing that I’m more motivated to wake up for my early morning spin class by my incredibly cute (and muscular) instructor than the workout alone. What’s wrong with that, anyway? I mean, let’s face it —  it’s definitely a lot more fun to spend your workout staring at your hot cycling instructor than to spend it staring at your own sweaty reflection. Plus, who can ignore a cute guy telling you to turn up your resistance on your bike or to do another push-up? Not me.  

3. Socializing With Friends


On a typical school day, it’s hard to justify not being productive and going to hang out with friends when we all should probably do homework instead. However, going to the gym is a great chance to get to hang out with friends while still doing something that’s productive for not only your mind, but also your body. Ab routines are probably the best for socializing because they’re a lot easier to talk through than cardio workout. Kill two birds with one stone: catch up while you crunch up!

4. A Caffeine-Free Energy Boost


We all know that feeling: it’s 3 PM, we’ve already downed our medium coffee and gotten through two of our three classes of the day, and we’re ready to crash. Rather than drinking a second coffee to get you through the rest of your day, try a quick, but also intense workout to regain your energy. Although it may seem counterintuitive to engage in an activity that seems exhausting by nature, research studies have proven that exercise is definitely an energy booster. The point is, you’re better off getting a real workout that won’t let you crash in four hours if you’re looking for some energy to get you through the day. Plus, just because your lattes are skinny, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to help you get in shape.


Whatever your excuse, embrace it. After all, there’s no bad excuse for a workout, so get out and get active!