10 Struggles of Being the Friend that Goes to Sleep Really Late

One by one, you say good night to each of your friends. It’s getting late and you have an early class tomorrow. You’ve probably finished all your work already, but you just got your second wind and are more wide awake than you were when you first woke up in the morning. Despite daily struggles, you can’t seem to break the habit of going to sleep late.

1. You sleep in until the last moment possible before your class.

2. You’re constantly dozing off throughout the morning.

3. Your eyes just glaze over everything that you try to read.

4. You think you get really profound past midnight...

5. ...but when you put your pen to paper, you tend to find that what you have to say is total, utter gibberish.

6. No one answers your 3 AM texts in the group chat.

7. Your roommate is asleep when you finally have the time to shower.

8. You have to use your phone as a flashlight to navigate your room.

9. You’re always looking for someone to late night snack with you, but most of your friends are already climbing into bed.

10. You promise yourself that you’ll change your ways...but you end up doing the exact same thing the following night.