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Why It’s Important to Take Care of Yourself During Finals Week

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It’s that time of year: finals, and once again, we are approaching the finish line. Finals week can be a busy and pressure-filled time. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your final papers or continuously reviewing the material for exams, making time for yourself can be difficult, believe me, I know. However, this makes it even more important to put yourself first, so that in the end you can present work you are proud of.

  1. Putting Your Best Foot Forward 

Most days, I get caught up in the stress and work I have to do. Whenever I pull myself from my desk to take a break, I find myself getting tense and it’s hard not to think about my assignments. I often think that just continuing to do the work will help ease the pressure; unfortunately, that’s not true. I get overworked, making it harder to finish the work when I am nearing the end. Recently, I have found myself journaling, listening to choral music, or watching childhood TV shows to relax. Once I am calm and have a clear mind, I feel motivated and excited to start the work. It reminds me how much I enjoy my courses—which I often forget because I tend to focus more on what grades I will get, rather than how much I’m learning—and it doesn’t feel so much like work. In doing so, it hopefully presents a work that showcases my ability. 

  1. Finish Strong 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “We are almost there. Let’s finish the semester strong.” Before, when I thought about this phrase, the first thing that would pop into my mind was ensuring that I got good grades and accomplished my work to the best of my ability—it was purely about academics. Now, when I reflect on this phrase, I also think about ending the academic year with a positive and healthy mindset and attitude. We should all feel good about ourselves at the end after pressing submit or handing in our exam paper to our professor. 

  1. Don’t Burn Out 

This semester, there are times when I felt burnt out from all of my work and found it difficult to continue completing my tasks. Simultaneously, the thought of not accomplishing them further heightened the rush of stress and panic that filled my body, making my heart pound, and my stomach knot. At this point in the semester, I do believe that burning ourselves to the ground is not the way to go. If we want to do a good job, that also entails taking a break once in a while, whether it be five minutes or a whole day. We should enjoy what we’re doing, not dread it, and I know this is easier said than done, but once you feel energized and relaxed, it makes the work a smidge less painful despite the stress. 

  1. Enjoy The Last Few Weeks on Campus 

Time is fleeting and it goes by fast. For some of us, this is the last time we will spend time with our friends before seeing them back in the fall. For others, it’s the last time they will be on-campus before they begin a new chapter in their lives, and create a path for themselves in their respective careers. The semester isn’t finished yet, so you should try to create a few more memories before it comes to a close, whether it be soaking in the sunshine as you walk through the public gardens to see the spectacular and beautiful cherry blossom trees or simply getting boba. 

No matter how occupied we may be, it’s always great to remember that checking in on ourselves from time to time and taking care of our mental health is important too. That’s what will get us through in the long run. 

Belle Tan

Emerson '23

Belle Tan is a junior at Emerson College majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Publishing and Music History and Culture. During her free time, she enjoys playing the flute, singing, reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends.
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