How To Self-Care

We’re constantly told to be polite to others, respect others, or behave ourselves around others. That means on our bad days, we can feel like we have no one to turn to because we’ve never been told that it’s okay to show the bad sides of ourselves to anyone. On those days, when talking to someone is too difficult, try to take care of yourself using one of the suggestions below.

There’s only one rule: Try to accomplish these tasks without any distractions.

Eat well

Your body is your temple, and even though on the bad days it’s likely to take the brunt of your emotions, it is important to put good things in your body, which in turn will lead to good vibes.

For this task, indulge in a meal you haven’t had in a while. Pay attention to when your body says, “I’m full,” but at the same time, don’t miss out on dessert if you want it.



Studies have shown that the endorphins triggered by exercise actually make people feel happier.

For this task, exercise for fifteen to thirty minutes. Hate the gym? Think outside the box. Have an impromptu dance sesh in your dorm to your favorite tunes. Or get outside and jump in the sunshine or dance in the rain!

It’s up to you.

Keep a “Congratulations, Me!” book


At the end of the day, do you find yourself reflecting on all that went wrong? What about what went well?

For this task, keep track of your accomplishments. Write them out so you can see all you did. Did you finish a homework assignment? Catch up with a friend? Smile? No matter how small, or how seemingly unproductive, you deserve a pat on the back.

Gift your inner child


Remember those things you did when you were little? Remember how fun they were?

For this task, try to recreate a childhood memory. It may not be perfect––a night out at a campfire with s’mores might be a little difficult to recreate faithfully––but you can have marshmallows and Netflix while curled up in bed.



The Internet is necessary for so many things. But sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, what with all those emails, texts and social media updates.

For this task, turn it all off and find something else to do. Draw. Read. Write. Cook. Nap. Forget about your online self and just be you, even for as little as fifteen minutes.

Life is hard. You deserve a break.

What do you do to practice self-care?

Tell us in the comments below!