Fun Activities for When You’re Snowed In

Snowed in? Beat the boredom with one of these activities.

1. Binge watch a new TV show

Okay, maybe you’re already doing this in your everyday life, but when you’re snowed in, there’s no trace of guilt for it! There are so many addictive shows out there right now – Jessica Jones, Game of Thrones, New Girl, and many more. Take your pick!

2. Cook yourself an awesome meal

This one requires a little forethought, because it means you need to have stopped by the grocery store before the storm, but you might also be able to throw something together with the groceries you have! Either way, if you have a ton of time on your hands, why not spend a few hours on a real meal that doesn’t come from a box?

3. Clean

Yeah, we know. This one sounds like no fun. But cleaning can be really beneficial, and we promise you will feel so much better after it’s done. You lead a busy life and probably don’t have time to do real cleaning too often, so why not do it when you’re forced to be inside for a while?

4. Sleep


If you’re in college, you could always use some extra sleep.  Most of the time, sleeping until 1:00 pm or taking a 4-hour nap in the middle of the day isn’t acceptable, but when you’re snowed in, anything goes. Catch up on those much-needed Zs.

5. Read a book for pleasure

When was the last time you chose a good juicy book and sat down to read it? It’s okay to admit that we don’t have much time for reading during school, but what better time than when you’re stuck at home? Pick something out off your bookshelf, or check out some awesome e-books.

6. Get ahead on work

Also not the most exciting or fun thing to do on your day off, but getting ahead on work can really refresh you, and trust me, you will be thanking yourself in a few days.

7. Bust out the board games

You are never too old for a good board game. Not to mention, if you’ve got something fun like Cards Against Humanity and a couple of roommates, you are set. 

Make sure you’re prepared for your days of hibernation, everyone! At least you know there’s plenty to do while you’re stuck at home.