Best Remedies that Help If You’re Feeling Sick

Have you been feeling under the weather? Ever since I came back from spring break, I caught a cold and I’m finally feel like I’m recovering after two weeks of coughing, losing my voice, boogers dripping from my nose, and all that good, gross stuff.

It’s hard taking care of yourself while you might be away at college. We don’t have a parent to look over us and tend to our needs to help us get better; we have to do it on our own now since we’re adults. Trying to remember back to all the times I was sick and my mom was taking care of me, I tried to do exactly what she did for me on my own and it’s been helping me a lot. I’m sharing with you some home remedies that will help kick that bug out of your system so you can start feeling your normal, healthy self again.



It’s important to stay hydrated while you aren’t feeling 100 percent yourself. Especially if you feel your throat dry or filled with mucus, hot teas are the way to go. Adding in some honey and lemon can help sooth your throat so much. Gargling warm salt water will help loosen any mucus in the back of the throat, so try this remedy to start feeling 100 percent again.

Healthy Eating

Yes, I know, all that candy and junk food sounds great if you’re staying home, but it’s not going to help your body fight against what you’re going through. Make some homemade chicken and vegetable soup. Every time I got sick, this is what my mom would make for me and I would start feeling better within a couple of days by just eating this and other healthy options. If you’re feeding your body right, you’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t Spread Your Germs

Don't spread the germs to others and don’t let it linger around yourself or you’ll never start feeling better. Cover your mouth, sneeze into your sleeve, don’t touch your eyes, mouth or nose, and wash your hands frequently. Even when you’re starting to feel a bit better, the best thing to do it wash your sheets, pillows and blankets so you’re not sleeping in the old germs you’ve had.

Steamy Showers

Having a hot shower not only feels nice on your skin and probably aching body, but it can help open your sinuses and loosen all the mucus buildup inside of you.  

Rest and Give Yourself Time To Get Better

Take the day to really let your body rest. This will lend you the time to sleep, catch up on some shows, watch that movie you’ve been dying to see, and be a lazy bum for your own benefit.