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6 Ways to Feel More Rested (Without Changing Your Routine)

College can be exhausting, especially when you’re an Emerson woman juggling club meetings, work and (hopefully) class! While the best way to deal with being tired and avoid getting burnout is to sleep a healthy amount each night, sometimes that’s just impossible. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself feel more rested until you find enough time to catch up on some sleep. 

1. Drink way more water

While drinking a healthy amount of water is good practice to begin with, chances are if you’ve been too busy to sleep, you probably haven’t been thinking about your hydration either. Your body is already tired; don’t let it feel the effects of being dehydrated as well. Plus, a cold drink will definitely help wake up your senses.

2. Stretch

You don’t have to take up yoga, but stretching just a bit before you start your day can really make a difference. Perhaps touching your toes while brushing your teeth or rolling your shoulders on your way to class can help your tired muscles feel better.

3. Cat nap

Your daily routine most likely does not have enough time to squeeze in a proper nap, but you can always catch a tiny bit of shut-eye here and there. Put your head down for a few moments before the start of a class or at lunch with your friends, if only to rest your eyes.

4. Focus on the little things

If you find that your brain is having trouble keeping up with everything around you, try focusing on the little things. Let your brain wake up with the task of noticing how you’re breathing or the tension in your shoulders, before you overwhelm it with your busy schedule.

5. Drink a little caffeine

Go ahead and reach for that cup of coffee or tea if you need a boost, but don’t overdo it! Drinking a lot of caffeine could make you feel worse. Make sure you are eating and staying hydrated to avoid an upset stomach.

6. Fake it ‘til you make it

It’s amazing how energizing it is pretending to have energy! Put on your favorite outfit, try your best to smile and pretend like you just had the best sleep of your life. Chances are you won’t feel 100%, but you’ll feel better than you would if you spent the whole day dreaming about bed.

Nothing can substitute the awesome feeling of sleeping in, but hopefully these tips can help you have a productive day, even while tired.

Ashley is a senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College. She will graduate in December 2016. She loves playing with clothes and make-up, traveling, and drinking way too much coffee. Friends and family, cute animals, (especially her own), and dessert make her happy. 
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