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6 Gifts You Should Treat Yourself To After Finals Week

Finals week has been tough on everyone. Here is a list of fun and easy items to indulge yourself in after working so hard.


Weighted Blanket

This has honestly been a lifesaver on my most anxious days. Although they can be a bit pricey, weighted blankets are a great way to destress after many weeks of hard work. They are also a great investment for your future nights of restless sleep. A weighted blanket feels like a hug throughout the night without the excess body heat and restraint. Your REM cycle will thank you for this well worth it purchase.


Tommy Dinosaur Night Lamp

The Tommy Dinosaur Night Lamp was popular for a while online, but it is absolutely still worth the buy. For $14.99, you can get a silicone, color changing night lamp. It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. In order to change the color, you just boop it on the head. It is a cute and fun way to relieve some stress through retail therapy.


Holiday Cookies

What better way to end finals week than by getting into the holiday spirit. I recommend getting out there and buying yourself a bunch of holiday or winter-themed cookies to really launch yourself into the season. Since finals are over, all you need to worry about is the holiday season.


Head Scratcher 

Never underestimate the power or a simple head scratcher. They are so cheap but so rewarding in their function. Any moment you just need a little more relaxation or you just can’t seem to reach that itch, a simple head scratcher is there for you. It is the kind of gift you may never think to get yourself, but once you do, you will be forever grateful for the purchase.


Fuzzy Socks

Now, most people already have a pair of fuzzy socks in their closet by now, but a new pair of fuzzy socks will always beat the old ones. A fresh pair that hasn’t suffered a few cycles in the washer and dryer may be just what your tired feet need after a long semester.


Sleeping Eye Mask

If you can’t already tell, I really value my sleep. Another way to maximize your sleeping habits is to buy yourself a sleeping mask as a gift after finals. Daunting at first, this little mask will help you sleep in any situation. It applies a small amount of pressure to your eyes that is so soothing after a long day. Not to mention, when you get back to school for spring semester, your roommate won’t be waking you up when they get up for their 8am.


Anna Donohue

Emerson '24

Anna is a current freshman VMA major at Emerson College.
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