4 Ways to Take Time for Yourself in College

The imminent end of the school year comes along with spring, and although thinking about just how close summer break is is definitely exciting, all the schoolwork that comes along with finals season is most certainly not exciting. Here are a few tips for relaxing during both college in general and finals season!

  1. WATCH YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW. Starting a new show is fun for sure, but there’s something to be said for returning to old episodes of favorite shows during times of stress. I prefer watching sitcoms during stressful times, as they’re not only shorter but generally more cheerful and light-hearted, but I do have a few favorite drama shows, like Killing Eve and Stranger Things, that I love to rewatch from time to time! Whatever you choose, rewatching an old favorite is always a good time.

  2. PAMPER YOURSELF. As college students, it’s difficult to find the time and money for big indulgences. However, pampering yourself doesn’t have to be some big spa day. It can be as easy and cheap as putting on a face mask,  listening to your favorite music, or wearing your favorite outfit.

  3. GO TO THE GYM. Working out isn’t just good for your body, it’s also good for your mind. Even just thirty minutes can have such a positive impact on your mental health. It’s so helpful to make you feel less stressed about life in general!

  4. LISTEN TO MUSIC. Whether it’s old favorites or new finds, listening to music always helps me when I’m feeling stressed out! There’s nothing better than making new playlists, in my opinion, and it’s a quick and simple way to take time for yourself.