15 Thoughts Everyone Has During the Middle of the Semester

The semester seems far from over even though it’s already midterm season. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unusually emotional? Us too.

1. When is that assignment due again? Oh yeah, tonight at 11:59 p.m.

2. Just forty-nine days until freedom!

3. I wonder if I’ve worn these yoga pants three days in a row, or four…

4. Laundry day was supposed to be three weeks ago

5. I think I’ll need approximately eight shots of espresso a day to get through the next few weeks

6. BUT, Pumpkin Spice Latte season has never tasted so good

7. I was planning on getting all As, but I can settle for Cs

8. I mean I’ve only skipped three of his classes…

9. Who needs to eat healthy when you can make pasta?

10. Is it time to go home yet? Thanksgiving, is that you?

11. Why is Boston so cold?

12. But it is pretty in the fall...

13. Can I just take a blanket everywhere I go?

14. Who needs sleep when you can binge-watch a whole series of Parks and Rec?

15. School. Work. Eat. Sleep. Die. Repeat.

It gets better, just push through!