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“No-Bake Oat Balls” & Why I Cannot Stop Eating Them

Being a new college student and a pescatarian I find it difficult to get a sufficient amount of protein and sustenance in a day. I am always rushing off to class, going from club meeting to club meeting or studying for an upcoming exam. During these days the dining halls do not help. I love Clohan Dining because they offer the vegan and vegetarian options I need however it is out of the way. With all of this being said there has been one saving grace to my year thus far in terms of food: The Clohan Dining Energy Balls. 

These energy balls contain oats, peanut butter, all types of seeds and more. Whenever I get dinner or have time to go to Clohan I am always asking for a few of these babies to-go. I pop them into my refrigerator and boom I have the perfect all-day snack.

These bites are filled with protein that gives me long-lasting energy throughout my busy day. Being home for fall break I researched how to make these treats and found a recipe very similar to how I assume Clohan makes its energy balls (the recipe will be linked at the end of this article in case you want to try them!).

Why do I love these energy bites so much? As I said above I am a pescatarian. I don’t even remember how I started that type of diet but all I know is that I have not had meat in around 2 years.

Transitioning from a place where I have all the plant-based products at my fingertips to a college campus was a bit of a worry to me. I was concerned I would not be able to find the good quality foods I was used to. Thankfully I have the Clohan Dining Hall right next to my neighborhood on campus. I know there is a lot of debate over Clohan turning vegan but I am very thankful for it. Clohan Dining has allowed me to continue on with my particular ways of eating and has also helped me to wane off dairy.

So, the next time you are at the Clohan dining hall I highly suggest you go grab some protein balls. You will not regret it! 

Link to the similar oat-ball recipe:

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