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Emma Chamberlain’s “Anything Goes” Breaks Mental Health Stigma

Emma Chamberlain is my favorite influencer for one reason: she uses her platform to help others. Chamberlain that mental health is a huge issue among teenagers and uses her social media platforms to discuss her own mental health struggles. In turn, she helps others to understand their own struggles as well as provides them with someone to relate to.

In 2019, Emma Chamberlain released her debut podcast, “Anything Goes,” where quite literally, anything goes. In this podcast, directed towards high school and college-aged girls, Chamberlain discusses a wide variety of topics ranging from travel tips to gaining confidence. Each episode focuses on a different topic but all of them have underlying themes on the discussion of mental health.

Emma Chamberlain is just one of many public figures that have started to be more open about their mental health. These public figures play a huge role in breaking the stigma against mental health. Talking and being open with struggles that everyone experiences not only helps one’s own mental health but also gives others a sense of not being alone when it comes to these types of struggles.

“Anything Goes” is the perfect podcast to listen to if you want someone to relate to about mental health. I just got into this podcast recently and the first episode I listened to, “things feel weird rn” really struck a nerve with me. In this episode, Chamberlain discusses her anxieties about the end of the pandemic. For over a year now many of us have stayed to ourselves and only interacted with close friends and family and for a lot of people, going back into the real world and socializing can seem daunting. In this episode, Chamberlain openly discusses her feelings about transitioning back into a social lifestyle.

When I listened to this, all the anxiety I was feeling about transitioning into a post-pandemic world was perfectly explained. She took what I was feeling and put it into words. Listening to this gave me a huge sense of relief. I had felt guilty because I was anxious for a transition that we have all been looking forward to since the start of the pandemic and I thought I was the only one who was feeling this way, but this podcast episode showed me I clearly was not alone in my way of thinking. At the end of the episode, Chamberlain answers her audiences’ questions relating to what she just talked about.

Through her podcast, it is clear Chamberlain has been through a lot and has a good perspective on what it is to be a teenager struggling with mental health. “Anything Goes” is just one example of public figures speaking up about their struggles regarding mental health. This podcast has helped me accept my anxiety and not feel so alone in my struggles. I highly recommend this podcast if you want someone to relate to who keeps things real and does not sugar coat anything.

Camille Olmstead is a current sophomore at Elon University studying strategic communications and sociology. She is from Columbus, Ohio and has a passion for the environment and mental health awareness.
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