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When I look back on my freshmen year, there are things I am looking back on that I feel like I should tell the upcoming class of pirates about. The freshman 15 is a real thing that will hit you REAL hard out of NOWHERE. Maybe it’s my major, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s a combination of both but I have never had classes so hard. So, here are some things you should look into the MOMENT you get to ECU.

The Tutoring Center 


Formally known as the PASC, from here on out known as the reason I am not failing my classes. Listen up y’all, there is absolutely no shame in getting help in things you are not good at. The PASC is on main campus and provides free tutoring for any student!! You can make as many appointments as you want or there are times you can go walk in. They have workshops where tutors host a lecture of what was gone over in class that week ( oh yea, our lead tutors attend the classes they are tutoring for!!! They heard EXACTLY what you hear!!! ). I know for a fact that I would not be passing my organic chemistry class if it was not for the help I got at the tutoring center. Starting out with tutoring will help you keep that A all semester instead of having to cram for a month straight trying to bring up a C.


Group Fitness Classes at the Student Recreation Center 


You know how everyone’s excuse for not taking classes at gyms is because of how expensive it is? That excuse can’t be a thing here because group fitness classes are FREE! There is Zumba, yoga, and then a bunch of different version of a body workout. There’s BodyPump, BodyAttack, all these cute little names for these intense classes that give you a really good workout for your entire body. I know how easy it is to push off going to the gym and motivating yourself to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes can be, so I would really recommend signing up for classes! It’s more entertaining, the instructors are AWESOME and usually the need to not skip something you signed up for is going to get you to the gym more often than just self motivation.


Room Reservation at Joyner Library


Nothing is more annoying than spending 20 minutes walking around the library trying to find a spot to sit with a dying phone to only find a chair in a weird corner with no outlet in sight. Renting out personal study rooms are fantastic for when you want to listen to something out loud (whether it be your online lecture or netflix) because there is enough room for 1 person, maybe 2 if you don’t spread out all of your stuff. It really limits distractions and gives you access to chargers and a quiet space. Group rooms are great if you’re in a study group and usually have dry erase boards you can use to diagram whatever you want. I know I used one to plan out my spring break trip with all of the 7 other girls going, and it was one of the most productive trip planning meetings I have had in my life. Well, as productive as 8 girls can be when planning a trip to Panama City for a week ;)


ECU 2022, I hope you are so excited to come to campus in the fall!! I can’t wait to see y’all!!


Hi! I'm Rachel, a freshman intended nursing major at ECU! Am I the most elequent speaker? Not really. Do I have my life together at all times? Aboslutely not. But in my 18 years on this planet, I have figured out a couple things. Hopefully I can make your day a little bit brighter after reading my stuff! 
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