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HC Durham Reviews: Durham Meditation Society

Mindfulness is definitely a buzz word at the moment. Everyone, everywhere seems to be talking about it. Even GPs are ‘prescribing’ its practice instead of anti-depressants. It’s supposed to centre our mind, bring calm into our lives and adjust our outlook on the world.

Over the summer I really got into yoga, practising every day in order to complete Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 day challenge (check out her YouTube channel – it’s amazing). However, since moving into my loft bedroom at uni the challenge has kind of fallen flat, as I can’t actually lift my hands above my head. Whilst not wanting to let this hinder me on my own journey of mindfulness, I decided to try out Durham’s meditation society.

Meditation has all sorts of benefits; increased concentration, creativity, mood and self-awareness to name a few. As someone who finds it hard to stop and unwind, it sounded like just the thing I needed.


I went along to the first session feeling apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect as a complete novice, but the room was almost full of people just like myself! The meditation session began shortly and was guided by a man called Theo who took us through breathing exercises and body scans. After getting my mind past the initial weirdness of everyone sitting silently together in a room with their eyes closed, I really got into the practice and the time flew by. Every session is suitable for people of all abilities as they are taught on the basis that everyone is a beginner.

I have so far found meditation quite challenging. Having self-diagnosed myself with misophonia, I find that the smallest of noises really get under my skin; the sound of people breathing, chewing or sniffing often sends me into something not short of a rage. In a room that is near silent, these noises are amplified to me and I have had to try really hard to bring my focus back onto my breath. However, I am assured that this is all part of the journey. No one is a master of meditation the first time they try it and taking the time out of my week to practise it again and again will only be beneficial to me.

I have been loving adding meditation into my routine so far this term and will definitely keep making the time to go each week. Classes are held at 1:15 every Wednesday in Llanthony’s Priory just off Claypath. At the moment they are running a kind of ‘try out period’ in which newbies don’t have to pay! So it’s the perfect excuse to take the opportunity to try out something new and find your inner zen.

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