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Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, thankfulness, and love. As the start to the holiday season, it is a tradition to think about what it is in life that deserves thanks. As everyone sits around the table and says what they are thankful for, the typical answers of “family,” “friends,” and “food” always seem to come to mind first.

Why are these actions only reserved for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Gratitude is something that should be shown in daily life, no matter if there’s turkey and stuffing on the table that day or not. Everyone has had days of questioning of their purpose in life, or what their personal end goal may be. 

It is easy to get caught up in these negative thoughts but having a visual reminder of what is motivating and inspiring in life to be grateful for could be that small push necessary for success. 

Something as simple as starting the day with a sticky note of a handwritten list of things to be thankful for can change the tone and mood of the whole day. Even if just five things come to mind, these will serve as a reminder all day of the people, things, etc. in which brought about personal successes, large or small.

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Another thing that can easily be added to a daily routine to show gratitude is to journal at the end of the day. 

Traditional paper and pen work great, but if even that seems too daunting of a task, typing a journal entry in a phone or laptop is just as therapeutic and rewarding. Doing this at the end of the day allows for reflection of things to be thankful for that came about during that day and gives a chance to make the next day even better than the last.

Writing down the best and worst parts of the day also allows for gratitude reflection. Taking the things that made the day great and putting them next to the things that made the day not-so great poses the opportunity for a better tomorrow. 

Putting the aspects of life to be grateful for down to visually see can be extremely inspiring and motivating. 

Although the common theme of “family” and “friends” may be seen repeatedly, doing a mental exercise like this will allow for the discovery of new aspects of life to be thankful for and to show gratitude towards.

Nothing is ever too small to be grateful for and it is never too late to show gratitude towards the people/things that make life worthwhile.

Even though Thanksgiving is an amazing time to reflect on the things to be thankful for in life, gratitude should be shown every day because of how precious life truly is. Looking at every day with a positive mindset and grateful heart will only allow for flourishment and success in personal passions and goals.

Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks today, and every day!

Hey! I'm Baylee and I am a Multiplatform Journalism major with minors in Digital Media Arts & Law and Politics at Duquesne University. Other than writing for Duquesne's HerCampus chapter, I am an active participant in Duquesne Student Television and writing for the Duquesne Duke, as well as dancing and singing in my free time. You will never find me without a coffee in my hand, and I am always listening to either Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, or Shawn Mendes. I love being creative and trying new things!
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