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What’s Your Froyo Formula?

As a Duke student, we often ask ourselves: do midterms ever really end?

Whether it was experiencing round one in the weeks prior to fall break, entering round two in these upcoming weeks, or dreading the thought of round three, most have come to the conclusion that midterms are evidently continuous from mid-September until the arrival of finals in December.

From packing in hours of review sessions to finally sitting down to face the facts, the delivery of an exam grade can either be the best thing in the world or the worst. And of course receiving an above average in round two to improve upon your round one exam grade is even better! With chem midterm grades just in, the surrounding improvements are cause for celebration. Such bursts of excitement call for a burst of flavor, and those tempting frozen snacks you’ve been craving, but just haven’t had time for are finally awaiting your arrival. Upon painstakingly studying formula after formula, it’s time to make your very-own froyo formula!

The typical process involves ordering a creamy swirl of your favorite flavor, piling on the savory toppings, and getting ready to spoon down on one of these delicious frozen treats. This seemingly guilt-free pleasure can really be low fat, if you stop and think about what you’re getting.

Here are some quick facts about frozen yogurt:

Flavor: most frozen yogurt is nonfat or low in fat; nonfat “original” or plain yogurt is the lowest calorie flavor.

Toppings: for a variety of texture and flavor, add fruit, which is an added boost of vitamins and nutrients! Other optional ‘healthy’ (not necessarily calorie-friendly) options include granola, yogurt chips, and mixed nuts.

Nutrition: a cup of frozen yogurt does not have sufficient nutritional value to serve as an appropriate meal, but can be a healthy accompaniment to a light lunch. Simply going for some lean protein and vegetables followed by a small frozen yogurt topped with some savory fruit provides a great balance of fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, and carbohydrates!

Here is a great suggestion for a nearby natural frozen yogurt shop serving fresh and fun toppings:

LoYo, also known as Local Yogurt, is a locally owned and operated yogurt shop featuring toppings from area farms and vendors.

-Their yogurt contains no artificial flavors, and no colors or preservatives.

– Just a 10-minute drive from campus!

What better way to celebrate a chem midterm than creating your own froyo formula! 

Freshman at Duke University! Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I love coffee, working out, tennis/ any water-sports, and trying new and exciting things!
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