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Fall semester is in full swing, but let’s not forget the bittersweet ending of summer just yet. Never fear, the Friends crew is here to help us come to terms with the end of our most sacred vacation.

When it’s the first day of summer break and you come out of Perkins for the first time since January

Living it up at beach week


When you go home and see the fam for the first time in months

But then spend a little too much time with your Trump-supporting uncle

Feeling yourself on the first day of your summer internship

But then realizing your internship expects more out of you than you can give

Casually flirting up the hot guy on your study abroad program


…Until you realize he’s a jerk and boys suck

Getting homesick for Duke

And cheering on all of your friends over social media as they do awesome things with their summer vacay


Wishing summer a farewell

Finally getting to the fall semester and catching up everyone on your adventures

I am a senior at Duke University studying psychology and history, and I have been writing with Her Campus since I was a freshman. Having this incredible community of empowering women to build me up when I need support and to give me an outlet when I need to vent has been one of the greatest aspects of my Duke career! I am so sad to leave them soon, but I am excited to pursue my J.D. at Georgetown in the fall!
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