The mood is set.

The lights are low.

The bass is bumping.

Bodies are jumping

in a melaninated mosh pit.


It’s official, this party is lit.


I see you standing

In that corner over there

Stiff and erect like

a penis statue

On the dance floor.


Standing tall with that mean mug

Like you the shit.

And I see you seeing

Everything and everyone,

but me.


Because in your world, dark skin thick girls rank low on your list.


Unless you are trying to hit

Or get your dick licked.

But that’s fine by me.

Because I feel like I can finally breathe

Knowing your eyes aren’t on me.


Because I came here tonight

With my titties blazing,

With my face beat,

With my afro flowing free,

With just my girls and me


So I could finally let go and lose myself to the beat.


And when the DJ plays my favorite song,

It doesn't take long

For me to arch my back

And get ready to throw it back

Like it’s a tsunami.

And can’t nobody tell me nothing

Because I have gotten lost in the

Rhythmic sea of the dance floor.

Melaninated bodies are rocking back

and forth like a tidal wave.


Maybe that’s what transplanted you into my space.


My breath catches

As you cage in your male gaze.

I can’t breathe when you pull me into your grip.

You mistook my hips for a landing pad.

You mistook my ass for a welcome mat.


You keep trying to drag me into your sunken space.

But my sign is stop.

But my name is not yours.

But my number is none of your damn business.

But my answer is no.


And will still be no after I do this electric slide to get away from you.


Listen my brother,

I know you like the way music moves through me.

That’s why you making your moves on me.

But I’m not an instrument for you to play.

So please get and keep your hands off my damn body.