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Resilience Williamson

Duke '21

Resilience Williamson is junior at Duke University. They are from Mebane, NC. They are majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Education. They are also pursuing their Teaching License in Secondary Education. Their dream is to become a high school teacher who educates and empowers black and brown children through mathematics. Afterwards, Resilience hopes to earn their MSW and MPH and become a social worker and superior advocate for children in North Carolina. Resilience believes that poetry is a powerful source for liberation and exploration. They have really been able to reclaim their narrative and embrace healing through poetry. Resilience hopes to dive into more diverse styles of storytelling as their writing develops. When Resilience is not crafting poetic narratives and conquering the world one math problem at a time, Resilience dedicates their time to developing finance and finesse strategies because they believe that art of finessing is rooted in self-investment and self-care. Resilience encourages those around them to pour into themselves whether it be mind, body, spirit, or bag.