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Why You Shouldn’t Exercise Just To Lose Weight

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DU chapter.
“Fat people disgust me.” “Don’t you feel bad looking like that?” “Do you really need seconds?”

You know what disgusts me? How people can say those phrases to another human being. That’s the real disgusting parts of humans, their attitude. Who wants to exercise just to please random people who wouldn’t give a shit about them if they were physically fit? Why exercise to win society’s approval? There is no reason, so do not give into them.

photo by: casey ho | @blogilates

However, there is one reason to be physically ACTIVE (not in shape, but active)—YOU. You deserve to treat yourself with some eustress every once in a while. Why not? Working all week, maintaining your life force, it can be draining. So, why not release all the tension and stress from each day and pump out some cardio! Physical activity is linked to mental health improvement, and I can say myself I feel a lot better when I keep up a routine of working out.

photo by: casey ho | @blogilates

It does not matter how big you are, there is some way for you to exercise. Simply walking a certain distant each day can be enough for you, but you must determine your limits and what you want/can do as exercise yourself. Personally, I only aim for working out 4/7 days out of the week; to me, this is an achievable goal. Remember the only person you need to compete with is yourself, no one else.

photo by: casey ho | @blogilates
Currently a graduate from the University of Denver with a BS in Psychology (concentration: cognitive neuroscience) and BA in Spanish. With a passion for learning, she enjoys understanding more the world, others, and herself. She absolutely loves her orange hair, being a woman, traveling, languages, and exploring new ideas and cultures. Also, she's in the #girlgang for life.